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As MNCs across the world look to invest themselves in India and begin to transact more actively, it is important that India’s tax and regulatory policies are well understood for enhancing growth and success opportunities. Similarly, the Indian business houses aiming to go global or get listed on the overseas bourses need to understand interplay of cross-border taxes and regulations. Navigating the corporate tax and regulatory framework for carrying on any activity, along with field industry knowledge, is now an essential part of doing business in India or overseas.



Service Area: Assurance

  • A member of ICAI since 1998 and has obtained a Diploma in Information System Audit conducted by ICAI.
  • A Founder, convener and core committee member of Khar CA CPE Study circle and has successfully completed certificate coursesof BSE’s Certification on Central Depository[‘BCCD’] (Eligibility for Internal Audits of DP Audit of CDSL) and NISM Series VI Depository Operation Certification Examination.
  • Brings in-depth experience in the field of tax audits, statutory audits, special purpose audit as required by statues. He also represents cases before various Income Tax authorities and appellate authorities.
  • Advisor on strategic issues and also provides a perspective on global trends and emerging practices on client assignments.

Phone: +91 9820455201

Email: [email protected]

Some of the recent developments in Indian taxation regime include alignment with proposals under the Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project, introduction of the General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR), code for taxing gains on indirect transfers, re-negotiation of tax treaties, change in tax residency conditions by introducing the Place of Effective Management (PoEM) concept, etc. to name a few.

While it is mainly business considerations that drive overseas investment decisions, tax and regulatory aspects also play an important role in the decision-making process. For most businesses, optimizing the overall tax burden and aligning the tax function to the business strategy has become more crucial than ever.

We, at BJAA, strongly believe that entrepreneurs should focus on their businesses, without having to worry about the repercussions under the tax and regulatory framework in the chosen investment destination.

Our assistance allows companies to improve management effectiveness, correlating tax decisions made in one country with the business imperatives of the overall enterprise. We offer a wide range of services that include general compliance, introduction of tax, finance and accounting services, and global coordination and management of tax accounting projects.