Startups have become the new economic group of our Economy and are now exponentially contributing to the Indian Economy right from employment and education to IPL sponsorships! Therefore this dedicated primer for Startups to put together the things you need to know when Starting up from a Tax and Regulatory perspective.

This primer consolidates various Tax and Regulatory benefits extended to Eligible Startups in India and how Startups can go about availing these benefits. While this list is just the beginning I’m sure there is a lot more to come and enable an ecosystem that will help Startups flourish in India.

Part 1 of 7 – DPIIT Recognition

DPIIT Recognition as an “Eligible Startup” and Benefits for Startups

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Part 2 of 7 – Angel Tax Exemption

The word Angel Tax got attention as the Tax Authorities in India (in this instance the “Income Tax Department”) began issuing notices to startups demanding tax on the amount of share premium 

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Part 3 to Part 7 : To come in time

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